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Enlisted Officer Dating

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You cannot agree that it is difficult to imagine an autonomous family of a soldier independent of the army. The family of a military cadre personifies the prestige of labor, not only in the army environment, but also as a whole in society. And it is through the family that the succession of generations and the transfer of the values of service, its traditions and rituals are formed. Very often the question arises can an officer date enlisted or can enlisted marry an officer? Of interest is the fact that in many armies of the world there was and remains restrictions on marriages of military personnel. This was dictated primarily by the specifics of army service. A man, not burdened with family ties, is easy to life during campaigns, can be given in affairs in full, without pretending to comfortable living condition. At the same time, many states do not see any obstacles for officer enlisted relationships. Moreover, nowadays officer and enlisted marriage are quite acceptable in modern society.

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